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Alto Salento

Near the territory of the low Murgia and the Salento region on the border with the province of Brindisi in the Italian region of Puglia, completely surrounded by ancient olive groves that produce one of the best olive oils in the world and one of the most beautiful coastlines of ' Adriatic is located in Ostuni.
In this fascinating area for nature and tranquility where you are surrounded ideal for a holiday of sea that is cultural , it is possible to rent prestigious and elegant apartments located in four different locations around the place . In the " Earth " to " the beach" in Trullo and " Masseria " .

"La Terra" : the oldest and characteristic of Ostuni ;
From the mountains of the southern Murgia Ostuni, the white and light lime , overlooking the Adriatic Sea , offering the visitor in all its radiant beauty. The Earth, a thousand suggestions landscape , characterized by the presence of ulivi.Una city rich in history and culture. The old village , perched on the highest hill , nestled in the casting of white lime, fascinates and intrigues with multiple calls. Through it you can chase and capture the traces of time and history and disperse in the maze of narrow white streets , soak in the atmosphere where dreamy echo the voices of humanity simple and friendly. Closed and fortified the walls , the old core widens here and there in airy terraces , balconies almost into space to discover the enchanting hill on the run down of orchards and silvery olive groves towards the sea deep blue sky . The Marina di Ostuni, twenty miles of varied coastline , bordered by lush Mediterranean vegetation and endowed with diverse tourist settlements and equipment .

"Rosamarina" : residential tourist center more "IN" the Puglia coast with its houses a few hundred meters from the sea equipped with every type of service and comfort , with its avenues of pine and wild rosemary that spreads throughout the center the characteristic scent of the maquis. A lovely area to spend the summer holidays to 'teach relaxation, tranquility and fun.

"Trullo" : old stone building dry , conical origins of proto- typical and exclusive area of ​​central-southern Apulia . Despite areas of development of the trulli are found around the towns of prehistoric times , or foundations of stone huts dating back to the Bronze Age , there is no particularly ancient trulli : this is justified by the fact that rather than undertake the repair of the same in case instability , it is preferred to tear it down and rebuild it for economic reasons, reusing the material.

"Masseria " typical rural building completely refurbished hotel nestled in an expanse of olive trees halfway between Ostuni and the sea.

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