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Ostuni too, probably around IV Century B.C., surrounded itself with a powerful outward circle of walls, that it's possible to follow now there where yardens end and the tract of olive trees begins. We don't know the structure of the bild-up area that maybe was dividedinside into other smaller circles of wall, but the archeologic search proves by documents the existence of an ancient centre that occupied terraces and the slopes of hill on wicht the medieval stronghold then developed.

From the reliefs of the southern Murgia Ostuni, lime and light white woman, one shows oneself to the Adriatic, offering to the visitor in all its luminous beauty. Mail to the margins of Goes them of Itria,conserve the schiva ritrosia of the villages falling back in this evocative earth border with to the gaiezza and own vivacità of the
countries fates on the sea from which it tos be distant hardly six kilometers.

A landscape from the thousand suggestions, characterized from the presence of the ulivi, abundantly scattered in the flat ones and on the full of rocks cliffs, one rich city of historical stratifications, that in time succession it has been Messapica, Roman;

it has known the dominion of the Longobardi, of Bisanzio, of the Normanni, of the Svevi, of the Angioini, of the Aragoneses, the tyranny of the Spanish family of the Zevallos, the Borbonico government, the libertaria tension of the Renaissance.

The ancient village, perched on the higher hill, dipped in the candid lime tap, charms and intrigues with multiple callbacks. Through of it the traces of the times and the civil and religious history of people can be chased and be picked that have lived in the places or simply to disperse in the inestricabile labyrinth of the white women narrow lanes, to dip itself, it forgets about the weight of the history, in that where dreaming atmosphere the voices of a simple and cordial humanity.

Closed and fortified in cerchia the building, the old nucleus slarga here and here in airy terraces; nearly balconies in the space in order to discover a charming panorama: the hill comes down in escape of gardens and silver olive groves towards the bluest smooth sea navy of Ostuni, twenty kilometers of coast multishapes, broadside from the typical spot Mediterranean and equipped of takeovers and diversified tourist equipments.

Pleasant counterpoint to vividi the colors of navy of Ostuni, the tones more soothe and the lyric tranquillity to you of the campaign, defined "the forest", the reign of the mythical ones is this trulli, symbol and emblema of the civilization peasant. Ostuni is not only this, relying on a "Classic" guide can deprive the visitor of the pleasure of discovering it step by step in its landscape valves in its rich, historical, artistic, folkloric and human property.


Speed between the olive trees of seashore or clibing on the gentle slopes of hill, the masserie are many in the area of Ostuni, there are there hundred circ, and they represent besides a rich architettural property the most significature expression of the rural civilization.
Yoing by masserie fulfils the will of past, of search of the lost time,it means to dive in to the tranquillity of country to discover valid traces of a rich repertoire of usages and customs, the rudimental farm tools in use in the past and sometime run into strange gadgets, real invenctions, fruit of the clever creativity of the murgian farmer. 

Rosen in the middle of the humble life of fields, masserie also  bring the vestiges of luxuries and distant glories, many of them, in fact, werw apanage of knights of a determined arder (the commenda) or of men of court and then undisputeddominion of rich uassals, counts, marquesses, barons who made the masserie their headquarters. Masserie are not monuments of past, moitonless evidences of a world already faded, but evidences of active and vital living beings. 

Many of them have trasformed them self in exemplary firms combining wisely the ancient with the modern, other since few years, have thrown the door open to the tourist to offer him an hospitality different from the traditional standards, a revitalizing stay in contact with nature. Our itinerary inclused only some masserie, those where farm holidays are practised and other easily accessible.


Seashores of Ostuni

Here where the extended one of the ulivi ends and the green of the
mythical plant stempera in silver shadings, of unexpected the nature it is ignited of an alive cromatismo, the colors terragni yield the place to those navy.Extended of intense blue with glares and transparencies that have only waters clean. Twenty kilometers of snodano coast colorfully, the sea, in a wonderful game of colors, s' it insinuates in cale and gorges, it is stretched in slarghi sabbiosi, one scrambles up on lucide reefs, lambisce the Mediterranean spot. 
A coast of ancient vitalità, inhabited since the remote times and that it still brings the traces
of far shapes of life: the coves, dwelling of the pugliese peasant in the gone centuries: the ruderi of antichi takeovers, the coastal towers, defensive fortifications of the times in which the emergency it
constituted the primary need of the man.

A litle of that past has remained, the coast of Ostuni rappresents today one of the poles of bathing tourism in Puglia. Villages, accomodation facilities of international level, camping, villas, little villas, flats offer different requirements of touristic demand.

In a walk along the coast to find the "Eldorado" of holiday, organized touristic resorts where all is at hand: sea, ship, sport equirements, bank, hospital, dacing, disco.

For people who love tranquillity is enough to get into a path to overlook creeks of golden ssand, streches of low coast and oddly indented, enchanted inlets submerged by silence. A breezy atmosphere, clear an excellent climate for a holiday at the seashore of Ostuni, not only in the long and hot summer, but also during mild springs or calm winters.

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